Ashleigh and Pudsey at The Vet

There’s a new vet on the block in Mitcham.

One of the biggest and best veterinary practices in the country hosted an open day at their impressive premises in Mitcham.

Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey arrived to show their support with a jaw dropping performance.

The delighted crowds of animal lovers who turned up to get exclusive behind the scenes access to all of the facilities also had a chance to meet Ashleigh and Pudsey who stayed to speak to just about everyone after their performance. Welcoming  was the word of the day with guided tours of the facilities, games, quizzes, and a give-away for a photo shoot for one lucky person with…. Me!

The Vet, Mitcham opened its doors for treatments on 12 January 2015. The low cost, high quality provider of veterinary care is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday. With plenty of free parking outside the door and no appointment needed, visiting The Vet at their brand new veterinary clinic in Mitcham is really convenient!

They make the experience as stress free for your pet too; with separate cat and dog waiting areas and pheromones pumped into the waiting area to relax your pet. they even have a cat friendly consultation room so that your cat can be seen in a room that hasn’t been visited by a dog. Make sure that you register online today to be kept up-to-date with the latest offers.


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Parker and Tux

These two old friends have lived together in Teddington for a good ten years. During my visit to their home we had a great time running up and down the corridors and through all of the rooms in the house getting these great shots. It seemed that they knew cat photography was my profession and I was their purely to service them!

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Oliver and Nubia – Competition winners

Earlier this year I created a guide to photographing cats for the magazine “Make Them Roar”. Along with the guide, the magazine ran a competition asking readers what time of day they thought was best to capture their cats personalities in a photograph.

Marc-André Runcie-Unger, who writes the most fantastic blog for cat lovers, won the competition so I visited him and his beautiful cats Oliver and Nubia at their home in London. They are used to being in front of the camera so we had no problems at all capturing some amazing shots.

Nubia (pictured) has only three legs after an accident which left her as a rescue cat (rescued by Marc of course!) but that did not stop her following the camera wherever she thought there may be an opportunity for her to shine!

You can follow Marc-André’s blog at

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Make Them Roar: Photography Guide

This month we have teamed up with the very stylish “Make them Roar”Design magazine for cat lovers to create a guide to getting the very best photographs of your own cats at home.

Taking really good pictures on your smartphone or camera is totally possible!

Check out the guide with a chance to win a photoshoot with… well… me!

To win, comment on the blog, telling us what time of day you would take a photograph to capture your cat at their best.

If all else fails you can always book a professional session by visiting Paw Pixels or leaving a message here on my website!

Frontline Pet Treatments billboard shoot

Spring found me in Cape Town, South Africa photographing  the 2015 billboard, magazine and web campaign for Frontline Pet treatments.

On behalf of Publicis, I travelled to the spectacular cape town for several days of large scale production photography in locations such as Table Mountain at sunrise, spectacular lakes and forests in the midday sun, the best beaches and incredible homes around Cape town to shoot some incredible commercials to be shown in 27 countries on billboards for Frontline.

To enquire about any production photography visit Paw Pixels where I work both internationally and as their London Photographer.

Or just leave a message in the contact section.

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During the shoot for the commercials, we also captured all of the behind the scenes production photography for use by the various agencies and all of the amazing production team.

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Conan and Xena

More often than not it’s the familly of the animals we shoot that make a photography session so much fun!

This was definitely the case with the stunning Conan and Xena. Their owners – Alex and Jacina – spent as much of the session playing with them as I did!

A great day with some timeless memories captured.

To book a session for your own pets, visit Paw Pixels or leave me a message in the contact section.

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